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Sadie M. 12/11/2016 I had a great massage at Elixir. I appreciated that aromatherapy, warm towels and heating pads were all included in my massage. My massage therapist listened to my needs and worked out all my tension. It was a great experience, and I will definitely be returning.

Jhordan B. 11/16/2016 Really enjoyed my experience. The inclusion of aromatherapy and warm towels was fantastic. The music was calming and the feel of the overall spa was great! I went because I was given a gift card and this has reinvigorated my need and want for bodywork

.Nicky B. 10/27/2016 Been going here monthly for a couple of years now, ever since a bad shoulder injury. It's been an absolute godsend for my health and peace of mind--and now my husband is a member as well! Their attentiveness and professionalism are without equal--you won't be disappointed!

Matthew M. 10/11/2016 I started at Elixir more than a year ago and have been doing monthly massages through their member program since. I go back to Elixir month after month not only for their fantastic and professional service but for their talent and expertise. Each time, I'm greeted warmly by the front desk and the therapist always takes special care to ask where I'm holding pain and tension. The service itself is consistently both relaxing and beneficial to my pain relief, even if I have a new therapist working on me. My most recent therapist took great care of me and leaves me with stretches and other pain-relief exercises that I can do between visits. Happy to be a member at Elixir! I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for a consistent massage schedule or just a one-time relaxation. Keep up the good work!

Abby G. 9/5/2016 The best treat! The staff is so friendly and and knowledgeable! They're also professional, keeping in mind your needs and what you want to get out of the massage! I've gone here several times before being pregnant and they were wonderful, but I didn't imagine it could get better, but it did! Their prenatal massages are fabulous! So relaxing, and also cautious of the pregnant belly! I appreciated their upfront explanation of what the service would be and ensuring I was comfortable with each phase! They also ensured I was comfortable the whole time! I would highly recommend them for regular, couples and prenatal massages! I can't wait to come back!

From the moment you step through Elixir's doors, you’ll leave the world outside. Let the sound of relaxing music and the warmth of a scented neck wrap envelope you as Elixir's experienced team of licensed and specially trained massage therapists provide you with that powerful link between feeling good and being well.  Wellness Memberships are available so you may enjoy affordable, regular massage to support your healthy lifestyle. An inspired selection of natural and organic products and gifts in Elixir's boutique are enough to stop in for alone.

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